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anny GmbH


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Karin Bönig

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Your business model in three sentences

anny's booking management solution automates time-consuming processes like appointment scheduling and billing while being customizable and scalable. anny adapts to your requirements and is developed especially for complex scenarios.

What problem do you solve?

Whether booking a room, renting equipment or making an appointment - you often have to deal with email ping-pong and error-proneness. With anny, we get to the root of the booking problem and rely on extensive configuration options. We solve the following problems for the provider: Time-intensive coordination of appointments and availabilities, low coverage, low utilisation, operational overhead, costly payment processing, non-binding bookings with no-shows, no insights, use of several parallel island solutions, lack of integration and automation. We solve the following problems on the end customer side: time-consuming search and comparison of offers, no transparent insight into availability, non-binding booking without security, often only cash payment on site, invoice only available on request or not available at all.

What's your digital solution?

Our solution is a unified and intuitive platform to easily manage all time-related resources and services online and make them bookable. anny not only gives providers greater reach for external bookings, but also supports them with a comprehensive management area to give them full control over their bookings. In addition, time-intensive processes are automated through integrations. Via marketplaces, resources and services can be found, compared and booked transparently - anytime and anywhere. End customers receive a customized experience with customer account, booking history, favorites system, and much more. Our software is web-based and uses state-of-the-art technologies. This makes it many times more scalable.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

At anny, we applied agile development methods while maintaining stability, security, ease of use and scalability of the product so that customers could rely on us to solve their problem right from the start. As a result, over 130k bookings are now processed daily (more than 8 Mio. in total) with an automatically scaling infrastructure as the backbone of the anny platform. We can proudly announce that up to this point we have financed ourselves purely organically and now employ 16 team members.