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CUREosity GmbH


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Björn Lang

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Your business model in three sentences

Based on neuroscientific findings and a clinical-therapeutic development process, CUREosity is setting new standards for rehabilitation with its neuroplastic virtual reality therapy system CUREO, which promotes patients' motivation by gamification.

What problem do you solve?

CUREO offers a wide range of applications and can be used, for example, for rehabilitation in the case of damage to the central nervous, in the case of pain, and for mobility restrictions after operations. In addition, CUREO can be used both in the hospital bed during clinical rehabilitation, but also in outpatient therapy, up to follow-up care at home. This results in a sustainable quality of care and intersectoral applicability. The different modules can be adapted to the patient's motor and sensory abilities and flexibly and continuously adjusted in terms of difficulty. Repeating exercises that are important for rehabilitation becomes a gladly accepted challenge with CUREO. Therapy becomes an experience. We can offer worlds of therapy options with just one system and make new settings or select other programs with just a few clicks, saving a lot of time. In addition, there is a great relief for therapists who are often stressed and under pressure within their daily routine. The possibility of group therapy or automated training plans open up new possibilities for the therapist. Clear visualizations and documentation of patient progress are provided.

What's your digital solution?

VR therapy represents an unprecedented opportunity for the rehabilitation of patients with motor-neurological indications due to the accessibility of the devices which is also proven by different studies. Our unique calibration tool enables precise representation of movements even for patients with severe limitations. This is the basis for our motion guidance system developed specifically for CUREO as well as the mapping of a biomechanical avatar in the virtual environment. With this technology, CUREO is able to provide precise, individualized and immersive therapy sessions. The use of the applications through gaze control enables even the most severely affected to participate in CUREO's therapy offerings. In addition, CUREO is a self-sufficient, stand-alone and mobile therapy system. We offer sonification, presentation via an avatar, various modules that can be fine-tuned, mirror therapy and enriched environments such as a canyon environment.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

CUREO is unique and offers patients, therapists as well as rehabilitative institutions and clinics enormous advantages compared to conventional methods. The motivation as well as the therapy frequency are promoted by diversified elements such as gamification and sonification. Efficient tools relieve therapists and save resources. CUREO uses the brain's capacity for neuroplasticity and, thanks to multisensory interaction, promotes the reformation of movement patterns which seemed to be lost.