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Sina Vogt

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Your business model in three sentences

Educational providers such as schools and media centers purchase subscription licenses in class sets, which they pass on to their students and teachers. They can then unlock the app on their devices and keep it permanently.

What problem do you solve?

Ask yourself or anyone: "How was your sex education in school?" and then "Where do you think today’s youth gets most of their information about sex?". In our experience the answers to those questions are "Awkward or non-existing" and "The internet" - and we can relate but aren't happy about it. As only 40 to 50 percent of teenagers receive sex education from their parents and Google usually isn’t the most reliable source or safe space when it comes to medical information and sex, schools are one of the most important places for sex education. However, most teachers are left alone with this important educational task, as they often lack sex education themselves, time, and modern teaching material. This is why we decided to develop a sex education app that can be used in as well as outside of the classroom. We compose teaching units for all relevant topics according to the guidelines of the school ministry and provide a safe space for the students to answer their questions. We want to enable students to form healthy relationships not only with others but also themselves, thereby helping to prevent any form of misconduct in this matter as well as opening the space for more diversity.

What's your digital solution?

Our sex education app KNOWBODY provides teaching units (45 to 90 minutes) for secondary schools in Germany, that teachers and students can use to learn about all relevant topics of sex education. With the help of the app and a pedagogical handbook teachers can hold lessons that are easily adaptable to the needs of their respective class and engage students by using a medium they are familiar with. The app space provides us with plentiful opportunities to present content in an interesting and engaging manner, speaking to different types of learning (audio, video, reading, drawing, 3D-animations, etc.). We keep our content up to date with the latest science, can evolve and interact with our audience, and provide holistic sex education that empowers young people to develop self-determined attitudes towards sexuality, to communicate their needs, and to critically evaluate the information on bodies and sexuality which constantly surrounds them.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

We are the first educational app that provides ready-to-use lessons for schools, on the topic of sex education nonetheless, and therefore used to existing outside of a box. While highly impact driven, we also carved out a sustainable business model for the app within the education sector that is scalable to other sectors in Germany as well as to other countries in need of sex education (Spoiler alert: there’s plenty!). You can help us pave the way for new digital education innovations.