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VanSite UG


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Lia-Sophie Krüger

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Your business model in three sentences

Campers can find and book close-to-nature sites offered by mostly private individuals all within our app, which is a first for the camping industry. We’re generation revenue through a commission on the bookings.

What problem do you solve?

More and more people are opting for a self-sufficient vacation in a converted van, caravan or motor home. The focus is on self-determination, independence and being close-to-nature. When looking for camping opportunities in the middle of nature, travelers quickly come up against their limits. Since wild camping is prohibited in most European countries, campers who are actually looking for seclusion and closeness-to-nature have no choice but to drive to the nearest campsite. However, campgrounds and RV parks can rarely serve these needs, as cost-efficient and thus densely parceled facilities are crucial to the profitability of such an operation. In addition, they must provide a level of convenience in the form of electricity, wash houses, and restrooms that a portion of their target audience depends on. This level of comfort does not represent added value for a customer segment that is concerned about independence and being close-to-nature. In addition, there are often cumbersome telephone reservations that have to be made months in advance. That is why campers are increasingly ignoring wild camping bans and accepting fines and damage to the environment in the process.

What's your digital solution?

With VanSite we have created a legal and user-friendly alternative for campers who want to travel close-to-nature. VanSite is an app for sites outside the classic camping infrastructure. It offers areas that are not parceled out and are located in nature. These are offered by owners of large remote properties, such as farmers, associations or public institutions. The providers get the opportunity to generate additional income through free and uncultivated areas without much effort. Travelers, in turn, are given the opportunity to easily find close-to-nature sites in the app, book and pay for them directly. Once the booking is complete, guests and hosts can use the integrated messenger to communicate details of their stay directly. In this way, campers can safely and easily get to the place they really want.

Why should we award you for your digital business model?

VanSite doesn't improve the camping industry in small steps, but adds a whole new facet to it right away. As a result, the team has already significantly improved the journeys of thousands of campers and created an additional income opportunity for many property owners. This has only been possible because the team has the innovative spirit and stamina to really think and act out of the box.